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Frequently Asked Questions

Water Softener Questions


What is Demand History Technology?

Waterwork Company Demand History Technology refers our water softener's ability to learn your actual water usage. It is designed to save water and salt, this in return saves you money by having a much more efficient Water Softener. 

How much salt does a water softener use and how often does it regenerate?

Depending on size of your water softener it will use 6 to 12 pounds of salt per regen average. The machine will regenerate on average about every eight days depending on size and water demand. On average about one bag of salt is used per month.

How does a water softener work? (resin/mixed bed)

All water softeners use a man-made resin to remove minerals from your water supply resulting in soft water. Regeneration occurs when the media is saturated. It then uses  salt (brine) in a process called positive ion exchange.  Then it goes into a backwash and rinse cycle to clear the media of salt during the Ion exchange process. A mixed bed Water Softener like Waterwork Company's Chlor-A-Soft Softener also has a Activated Carbon Media Bed which will remove all the chlorine and VOC's found in Municipal or city water supply.

Will softened water affect my lawn or garden?

Modern softeners will not damage your lawn or garden for they are very efficient at cleaning their medias of salt. Most water softeners including Waterwork Company's softeners test Canada’s food guide for salt content. In layman terms, there is more salt in one slice of bread than there is in one gallon of softened water.

What are the maintenance procedures for a water softener?

Great news! A Waterwork Company Water Softener only requires that you ensure its brine tank has salt, and should be checked every three to six months. Should your unit ever require service, Watework Company’s trained technicians have you covered. We will service your unit at no cost to you for parts or labor for the entire warranty period.

Can I take my water softener with me if I move?

Yes you can. Waterwork’s unique bypass valve enables you to move the softener quick and easy. You will not have to perform any extra plumbing. Should you need help you can call us anytime for free support. The warranty follows you so long as you still own the unit.

Can I install a water softener myself?

Yes. Waterwork Company's unique self-install system requires no soldering. Should you wish to install the softener yourself, we supply you with all necessary fittings, instructions, and phone support to get the job done right. Installing the softener yourself will not affect it's warranty either.

Water Related Questions


What is hard water?

Rain water is considered to be soft water. When rain water lands on Earth's surface it begins to absorb minerals as it seeps through the ground and makes its way into riverbeds and Lakes. These minerals are what makes your water hard.

How do I know if I have Hard Water?

If you live in Ontario, and your water supply is untreated, you have Hard Water. To determine if you have Hard Water, give us a call toll free: 1-877-829-4191 and we will test your water for free. If you live outside of Southern Ontario, you can call your local municipality to request a hard water test or you can pick up a water testing kit at your local Home Depot.

How does hard water affect my home and family?

The minerals in hard water coat the interior walls of plumbing, slowly reducing flow. Hard water dramatically reduces the life span and efficiency of any water using appliance or fixture. For example water heaters will not run as it should due to the minerals coating the heating coil shortening it's life span. Staining and scum build up on sinks, toilets, and shower doors/curtains are also caused by hard water forcing you to buy and use expensive cleaning products. Hard water even effects your skin and will irritate further most skin conditions, and is also the cause of dry skin issues by not allowing your skin to properly hydrate and breathe. 3-5 times the amount of soap is required to clean dishes, clothes and your body in hard water. Clothes become brittle and less vibrant in colour, hard water always leaves a film after a wash on glassware, and skin and hair feels flaky and dry. Soft water has none of these side effects.

How do I treat bacteria concerns in my water?

Simply by adding a Ultra Violet Sterilizer with a pre filter housing, Waterwork Company can ensure your water is safe to drink, bathe in and sing in the shower too.

How is Sulphur and Iron removed from my water?

There are a couple of ways to do this. Waterwork Company recommends however hands down a chemical free Air Brim System. By injecting air through Mazzi Injector, then using an Air Off Tank, then a Media Tank specially designed to remove sulphur residue and Iron does the trick with great to perfect results.

Can Chemicals or Sediment be removed from water?

Absolutely and usually with perfect to great results. Waterwork Company has a wide range of Back Washable Filters that can solve many chemical and sediment problems in both well or city water.

Drinking Water Questions


Why is Pure Drinking Water so important for my health?

Your body requires pure water to cleanse itself efficiently. The food we eat, fluids we drink, the things we touch, and the air we beathe all contain toxins that our body must rid of to maintain healthy function and reduce being prone to diseases. If the water we drink contains contaminants itself, the body can't efficiently cope with the demands. Bottled water that uses a reverse osmosis process, not spring water, provides pure water for the body and is a great improvement to supplying clean water for your body. Installing a reverse osmosis machine in your home is the best solution as it allows you to drink pure water on demand and keeps your health in check while reducing the impact on your wallet. Having pure water available at all times in your home should be the highest priority to keep you and your loved one's health in check.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is a process of rejection of containments in any water supply through a Membrane. This Special Membrane only allows Hydrogen and oxygen  or  pure water through is pours then holds it's production water in a holding tank  ready for your use of safe clean, clear drinking water, cooking, washing vegetables, making coffee, tea or juice, water-making ice and so on.

What are the maintenance requirements on a Reverse Osmosis machine?

Waterwork's five stage reverse osmosis (RO) system requires that you change a pre-sediment filter, along with a pre-carbon and a post-carbon filter once a year. Every five years the reverse osmosis membrane will need to be changed. If you have a water softener, the sediment, pre-carbon and post-carbon filters will last 18 to 24 months and the reverse osmosis membrane lasts five to seven years. 

What contaminants are in our water?

If your water supply is from Lake Ontario, recent studies show that there are many harmful chemical contaminates:

Lake Ontario is increasingly showing test results for a new genre of harmful chemicals: Prescription Drugs and Growth Hormones.

If you receive water from a municipal water system, whether it's source is well or lake water, it is chlorinated so it's potable, and is also fluoridated, but both are serious toxins/chemicals for the body. Studies also show that eight out of ten homes in Ontario buy water for drinking. Your family is most likely one of those families. We all have read newspapers, seen factual data and watched news reports of these studies on our drinking water supplies. Do yourself and your loved one's a favor by keeping your health a priority and saving money at the same time. A reverse osmosis system removes 99.9% of these harmful contaminants.

Service/Installation Related Questions


What is Waterwork Company's equipment service policy?

Should you require service on any product purchased from Waterwork Company' we will tend to your issues within 24 hours. There is no charge for service if your product was purchased from Waterwork Company and is still in warranty.

How long does it take to install a Water Softener?

In most cases under two hours.

How long does it take to install a Reverse Osmosis machine?

In most cases in under one hour.

Where is the best location for a Water Softener?

The ideal location for a water softener is as close to your water main and/or your furnace area. A water softener will need a drain and a regular electrical outlet.

What is the cost to bypass an outdoor faucet?

Usually no more than $50. Includes up to two ball shut-off valves, all materials and labor.

How much space does Water Softening Equipment typically occupy?

Approximately 3-4 sq. feet.

Service for Products within Warranty Coverage


Do you offer free service? Parts and Labor? For how long?

If you ever require service on our equipment there is never any service charges for parts or labor during the warrantee period of your equipment. If you live outside of Ontario and a part happens to fail and you are still in warranty, we can ship replacement parts for free - shipping charges apply.